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 Reisariver transport to and from

Are you planning a salmon fishing trip in the legendary salmon river Reisariver? Or perhaps you are planning a hiking-expedition in Reisa national park? With so many trails to choose from, there is one to suit any desire. We can offer transport to and from your destination by the Reisariver in the national park, or lower down the river. If you are for example planning to Salmon fish, or camp/hike for 2-3 days, or even a full week, we can arrange transport for you and your equipment to the desired destination, and bring you down again when your adventure is over.

Salmon Fishing

The ReisaRiver is well known for its good salmon fishing and beatiful nature. The upper parts of the Reisariver (Fishing zone 11-19) is not reachable by car, so transport with riverboat is the best alternative. We will service your needs, and bring you to the exact fishing zone you have bought your fishing licence in, at the time you desire. We will also arrange for you to be brought down at the day and time desire.

To buy fishing licence in Reisariver follow the link below, choose «reisaelva», select fishing zone, length of licence and date.

Fishing zone chart in Reisariver can be found here:

Hiking Trips

The Reisa nation park is a magnificent place to hike and camp. The nature here is breathtaking! Reisa national park is packed with good and marked trails that are connected to a whole network that spans the entire park and even beyond to the greater surrounding area. Have you heard about the Arctic Trail? This route is connected to the Reisa national park and starts by the Reisariver. The Arctic trail is a marked hiking trail that crosses the borders between the northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland. This spectacular route enables you to hike through and experience the exotic arctic nature and wildlife up close.

The Reisa national park is also perfectly suited for a daily hiking trip. There are a lot of beautiful and spectacular destinations to see in a day. We transport you to your destination, either one way or both ways! What you need, we will provide.

For more info about Reisa National Park visit:

  • Duration: Any

  • Departure: Saraelv in Reisavalley, early in the morning or early afternoon.

  • Price: From 750,- NOK

  • Difficulity level: Hard, for self providing experienced outdoor people

  • Minimum 3 persons or 2250.- NOK (If you are  1-2 people, contact us and we will plan for you to join another group)

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