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 The Midnight Sun

When you cross the arctic circle, you enter the lands of the Midnight Sun. During our rather short summer season, the sun will not set below the horizon in the period from middle of May to the end of July. Because of this you can see the sun in the middle of the night, in all its red glowing glory. This makes for quite a unique experience, and the colours it paints our exotic landscape with is truly beautiful. The sea has always been important to Norway, and some would argue that there is no better place to experience the midnight sun than in the middle of our mighty fjords! With the big sea in the background framed by the fjords, the sun rides the horizon and lights it on fire. Do not miss out on this opportunity to see the worlds sun in a truly unique and rare light.

 The Tour

We depart from Sørkjosen harbour in Nordreisa 22.30 in the evening. We will be back in the harbour around 01.00 in the morning. The “Reisafjord Hotel” and apartment rental “På Taket Kafe” is right next to the Harbour. We will be travelling with our big and comfortable Fjord cruiser “Constance”. Onboard the boat there is comfortable seating where you can sit and eat while enjoying the beautiful Arctic Fjords and nature. Or perhaps you want to sit outside on the benches and enjoy the fresh sea air and smell the ocean. Toilet facilities and fresh water is available onboard the boat.

  • Duration: Approximately 2,5 Hours

  • Transport to Sørkjosen harbour is available, see options during booking.

  • Departure: 22.30, expected to return around 01.00.

  • Price: 1395,- NOK

  • Food order: available

  • Difficulity level: Easy, family friendly

  • Minimum 4 persons or 5000.- NOK (If you are  1-3 people, contact us and we will plan for you to join another group)

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